Absolute Fruit

Absolute Fruit

The company with a broad pallet of fruit ingredients, service and know-how, dedicated to serve your requirements with our creative team by building on high quality products and service levels.

unlimited ingredients

  • Berries
  • Stone
  • Citrus
  • Tropical
  • Orchard

with us

  • Beverages
  • Dairy
  • Bakery
  • Snacking

solutions & products

specialise in
conventional & customised
fruit solutions

We offer you many years of experience with a great eye for detail. We consistently deliver passion, innovation and quality, and invite you to work with our team.

create products
that consumers really want

Do you need a conventional or customised fruit solution? Are you looking for a special and tailor made product? Our creative team works from the conceptual phase, exploring ideas and possibilities until the technical development of the product.

Conventional we do

  • Raw ingredients
  • Single Strength
    (conventional & organic)
  • Concentrates
    (conventional & organic)
  • From Origin
  • Or Standardized
  • Chilled • Frozen • Aseptic

Customised we do

  • Tailor made ingredients
  • Single Strength combinations
    (conventional & organic)
  • Concentrate combinations
    (conventional & organic)
  • Flavours • Emulsions • Colours
  • Combinations with IQF
    (conventional & organic)
  • Chilled • Frozen • Aseptic


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Get in touch

Ammerens Houweling

For our office in Europe please contact:

Ammerens Houweling

T +31 76 508 35 66

Milan Houweling

For our office in USA please contact:

Milan Houweling

T +1 813 810 4553

Absolute Fruit B.V. • Bredaseweg 185, 4872 LA Etten-Leur, The Netherlands • info@absolute-fruit.net

Talk to us as the difference between
ordinary and extraordinary
is that little extra

we are looking forward to it